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ENDOTHERMELASER ™ 1470 is a diode laser device used in endovascular laser ablation for the treatment of Primary varicose veins of the lower extremity. The device has been evaluated in a domestic multicenter clinical trial in terms of efficacy and safety for the treatment of varicose veins of the lower extremity.

Trade Name:LSO1470レーザー
Approval Number:22700BZX00311000
Marketing Approval Holder:MEDICO’S HIRATA INC.

Adopted 1470nm wavelength laser
 ・Since 1470nm wavelength laser is highly absorbable to water, it will be well absorbed
  into a venous wall when irradiated in the blood vessel. The laser absorbed is converted
  to thermal energy to denature collagen fibers and contract the venous wall.

Ringlight™ Fiber Probe
 ・Ringlight™ Fiber Probe which irradiates laser circumferentially in 360 degrees cauterizes
  a target vessel uniformly. Since irradiating energy is dispersed, chances for blood vessel
  perforation are reduced and safer treatment can be expected. Physicians can select one
  from 2 kinds of laser fibers according to sizes or anatomy of their cases.  

Clinical Trial Results
 ・ENDOTHERMELASER™1470 has been evaluated in efficacy and safety for the treatment of
  varicose veins of the lower extremity in the domestic multicenter clinical trial.
    ・Achieved a 100%, total cutting off the bloodstream in 6 months (24weeks)
    ・Showed a significant reduction in VFI values (evaluation values of venous
     blood regurgitation).
    ・Indicated no occurrence of serious adverse events.
    (The Clinical Trial was conducted with a standard fiber of 1.8mm. )